Print: Think Outside of The Square For Innovative Print Campaigns

We have been talking a lot about innovative solutions for print campaigns. In our experience at Absolute Colour, they are only limited by a client’s imagination.

Here are some great examples of what you can do with print:

  1. OPSM, to raise awareness of children’s eye health and improve the visison of children across Australia, released their ‘OPSM ‘Penny the Pirate’ campaign. A free children’s book, supported with an app, which integrated eye screenings into the story.
  2. A Canadian ad agency has produced a door drop designed to appeal to cats. Yes, that is right, the cat of the house. The direct mail piece promoting Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse was covered in concentrated catnip, so that the cat of the house would start fondling the flier as soon as it came through the door.
  3. Wonderbra launched a magazine centrefold cleavage with a toggle to pull the pages closer giving the woman’s breats a ‘lift’ as the pages are pulled together. The campaign was released throughout several magazines and supported by outdoor media billboards across the United Kingdom.
  4. A Japanese newspaper has developed an augmented reality app that changes articles for adults into features for children. The child friendly version features simplified language and cartoon animation on all articles, from politics to social problems.
  5. Kit Kat launched Wi-Fi free zones in Amsterdam to help people ‘have a break’ from updates, emails and other digital noise. The zones block internet access within a five metre radius and encourage people to enjoy a good magazine or book instead.
  6. Microsoft placed a Wi-Fi enabled print advertisement in a special edition of Forbes to promote its Office 365 software, providing free internet to those who kept the magazine with them. Once activated, the router embedded within the pages provided users with 15 days of free internet, which could be used by up to five devices simultaneously.
  7. Johnson & Johnson have produced a print advertisement infused with the scent of baby powder. Designed to appeal to mothers, the full page ad was taken out in a number of Indain newspapers including The Time of India.

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