Matt Cello Laminated Finish Business Cards


Soft to Touch, Sleek, Professional and Understated

Printed on premium grade, durable 450gsm satin artboard with lamination on both sides. One design per order.

Recommended embellishments include spot gloss varnish, raised spot gloss UV varnish and metal silver, metal gold. Contact us for pricing with your desired order quantity.

Need help setting up your file for print? Email Wherever possible, we will help you set up your file for print at no extra cost.


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matt laminate business cards


Matt Laminated Business Card Printing Template

2-3 Business Days Turnaround

• Printed in full colour.
• Printed on 450 GSM satin artboard.
• Matt lamination on both sides.

 To be ready for print, artwork should be 55mm x 90mm and include crop marks and a 3mm bleed.

Upon receipt of your press-ready PDF, we will send you a proof to approve. Designs and layouts approved by 11 AM should be received two to three days later (for most capital cities).

Talk to us about our full designs and layout service.

Bleed, crop marks, trim size, artwork size, file formats and dpi. Do these terms seem like another language? Do you know some but not entirely sure about the others?

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to get perfectly printed business cards. We can get your business cards designed and formatted so they print exactly as you imagine them.

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Setting Your Matt Business Cards Up for Success

Matt Finish Business Cards, Cello Laminated matt business card printed on 400, 350, 450gsm Card Stock

What are the Most Important Elements of Business Card Design?

Two things are immediately noticeable about business cards. Both affect how well the business card is received, as well as how you, the business card owner, are perceived.

• How it feels in the hand.
• How it looks.

Marketers have been dabbling in psychology and neuroscience for decades to find the perfect combination of colours, words and sensations to increase sales and brand recognition. You can approach selling yourself by handing out business cards in the same way. Why? The aims are the same. When we give someone a business card, we want to be remembered and contacted.

1. Touch (GSM – Paper Stock Choice)

40% of the highly sensitive skin receptors of the hand are on the fingertips, which makes them incredibly important to business card design(*1). Touch combined with sight (or sound) form a stronger memory together than when offered individually.

A flimsy, easily creased business card versus a thicker, stronger, more resilient card is the first point of call when planning your business card design. The brain registers that the business card feels strong and then associates that quality with the person giving the business card(*2).

Key Takeaways:

• Choose a high-quality paper stock with a good GSM. 450gsm is ideal for business cards.
• Choose cello lamination that reflects your business best. This may be matt, gloss laminate or a combination of matt cello glaze and raised gloss.

Consider how you react when you feel an extraordinarily soft fabric. The emotions stirred by touch range from relaxed and safe to uncomfortable and on alert. When you hand someone a business card, you want to stir a positive emotional response. They may not ooh and aah at the lovely smoothness or novel roughness of the surface out loud but their brain would have received the message and logged it for later recall(*3).

2. Sight (Colour)

Colour is powerful. We make 90% of our initial assumptions about businesses, the work they do and their quality of work immediately upon seeing their branding(*4). For example, red is said to stimulate the appetite so is often used by food retailers. Blue is often perceived as more trustworthy, while black is often seen as luxurious.



Handing over a business card that feels good in the hand, looks clean and slick, and which you know won’t fade into the Mary Poppins bag of forgotten business cards, is a great feeling.

Now that you have your design ideas flowing, get in touch with our team to turn your ideas and colour choices into your new business card.

Our goal is to make your business cards OUTSTANDING. Call 1300 88 99 59 today for fast design and print services you can count on.




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