Envelopes available in DL, DLX, C5, C4 & B4 Sizes

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envelope printing 4 colour

Order Online and Get Your Full Colour Printed Envelopes Delivered

Choose from a range of sizes including DL, DLX, C5, C4, and B4. Two and four colour printing is available, plus you can customise your envelope design. Do you need business envelopes with your logo? No problem! Add a business logo, return address or luxurious finishes such as gold foil to your envelopes. We take the hassle out of design, printing, and postage.

** Listed prices are for non-secretive, peel and seal, offset printing – unless otherwise stated.

The Trusted Envelope Printing Company

• Peel and seal, self-seal lick and stick options available.
• Huge range of envelope sizes – DL, DLX, C5, C4, and B4.
• Full-colour printing.
• Secretive envelopes for confidential mail.
• Want a higher gsm or textured paper? Contact us to discuss your needs.
• Quick printing turnaround.
• Delivery straight to you across Australia, from us in Sydney.
• Customise with special finishes, logo, and printed text such as your return address.
• Direct mail marketing and postage service.
• Order now – pay later. We will send you an invoice after the artwork approval.
• Graphic design service available.

Custom Online Business Envelopes with Logo and Full Colour Printing

Many printing companies will ask you to reduce your logo to two colours. If your logo cannot be reduced to two colours, printing your envelopes using our four-colour process printing method is ideal. One advantage over PMS printing is that you can print on a bigger area – keeping in mind Australia Post’s restrictions. This means no space on the envelope is left wasted – or keep your envelope design simple for a minimalist look.      

Peel and Seal, Self-Seal Lick and Stick Options Available

In addition to peel and seal, self-seal lick and stick is also available. It is priced similarly – please call or email for a quote.

1300 88 99 59  print@absolutecolour.com.au

What Else Are You Sending in Your Envelope?

In addition to letters, many companies, businesses, and institutions regularly post out products such as:

• Letters on company letterhead.
• Folded brochures.
Standard or specialty business cards.
‘With compliments’ slips.

Commercial and Personal Direct Mail Marketing and Postage Service

We take care of your envelope, document printing AND post it all to your recipients. Direct mail marketing saves companies across Australia time and money.

Wedding Invitations, Save the Date Cards, Thankyou Notes and Envelopes

Our direct mail service is also utilised by brides, grooms, and wedding planners. Our streamlined process gets the job done much quicker. Save yourself the run-around and the hours spent on compiling envelopes and invitations.

Postage: We will send you the postage cost after lodgement or add it to your business account (if you have one)(*1).

Tick this task off your list by outsourcing to our trusted and experienced team.

First Impressions Count – Envelope Design

First and foremost, envelopes serve a practical purpose. Because of this, they do not necessarily have to be highly stylised. However, if your budget can allow for colour printing or special finishes, your recipients will be sure to be impressed.

Receiving a letter in the post is a bit of a novelty these days as most communications – even bills are now sent electronically(*2).

Fun Facts About Envelopes, Wrappers and Letter Jackets

No matter how ‘digital’ our world becomes, envelopes and their hidden messages are set to continue being a part of our lives. For over 5,500 years envelopes have been used by households, businesses, educational institutions, and large companies(*3).

Letter Jackets, Wrappers and Envelopes

Letter jackets, wrappers and envelopes all refer to the same thing – the covering which protects a letter or other item to be sent. Before any wrappers were used, letter-locking was used to protect written messages. If the locks were broken, the recipient would know someone had opened the letter before its arrival. Mary Queen of Scots is well-known for protecting letters by letter locking(*4).


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