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Why bother with direct mail when you can email? The short answer: Our attention span for reading emails is extremely short. Most email marketing gets deleted or unsubscribed from because we are suffering from inbox overload. We offer direct mail design, printing, and mailing/distribution services so you don’t have to worry about anything. Whether you are based in Sydney, QLD or on the other side of the country – if you are looking for ‘mailing services near me’, we have you covered.
The great thing about direct mail is that it is a tangible item, held in the hand, unfolded, turned over and read with more focus than an email.
Feel confident you are making the right decision to promote your business or company via print media. Read on for statistics on direct mail marketing and more on our printing and mailing services.

Direct Mail – The Facts

• People pay more attention to the marketing they can touch and hold in their hand(*1).
• Boosts online conversions and website traffic(*2).
• Customers remember your brand(*3).

What is the Most Popular Type of Direct Mail?

Postcards are the most popular type of direct mail. They are most often chosen in either A6 (148 x 105mm) or DL (99 x 210mm) sizes.

Create a promotional article or ask our graphic team to create it for you.

The main point of any direct mail is to ask the customer to take action – usually to log on to your website, to subscribe or purchase.

When Should I Use Plastic Wrapping?

Plastic wrapping is available for any size of print. It is cheaper than envelopes and it protects the contents from getting wet. Clients often opt for plastic wrapping on magazines, booklets and a range of other ‘thicker’ publications.

Most economical method of Insertion of brochures with flysheet – an industry name for personalised address sheet. Includes name, address, barcode, sender details, postage paid.

Using a barcode, the bulk mail can be pre-sorted to take advantage of reduced postage costs.
Plastic wrapping is ideal for magazine publications and pamphlets from DL to A4.

What are Flysheets?

Flysheets are small flat pieces of printed material – similar to flyers. They are used as inserts in brochures, booklets and catalogues (to name a few).

They can also be placed on the front of a publication destined for plastic wrapping. The flysheets used in these cases can include personalisation such as your logo and the recipient’s mailing address. This avoids the need for mailing labels.

Do You do Data Entry and Processing?

Yes. If you have spreadsheets or other documents with data and mailing information, please send them to our team. We can manage a range of different data. We are precise and have processes in place to reduce the risk of manual errors and increase efficiency.

  • Direct mail services Sydney and Australia
  • Data entry and database systems
  • Database development
  • Database cleansing and maintenance
  • De-duplicating, merging and casing
  • Reformatting and enhancement
  • Automated sorting for postage via barcoding and Printpost
  • Archival and electronic retrieval solutions.
Direct mail personalisation

We will personalise the mailing area (obviously) as well as other areas of the card depending on the design. Printing and personalisation is carried out at the same time so all fonts and colours remain consistent.

Is it Expensive to Get You to Do Bulk Mail-Outs?

Our mail-out process is streamlined and efficient. This makes it the perfect alternative to paying administration staff to do mail-outs. It reduces your costs and room by error.

We pre-sort and lodge all our mail-outs with Australia Post. If you are looking to take advantage of an Australia Post special, you won’t miss out. We pass on any discounts straight to you. Think of us as an extension to your administration team.

We are a one-stop printing and mailing service. We also handle unaddressed mail and lodge with Australia Post on your behalf.

When Should I Order Custom Envelope Printing?

If you would like to have them on hand, feel free to order your envelopes ahead of time. Otherwise, we can print them with your direct mail products. All envelopes can be customised with your logo, colours, fonts (and any special finishes).

Repeated mailings create multiple touch-points for your customers to recognise your brand over time.

Using consistent messaging and professional design, your brand will become familiar with your potential customers and become memorable and potentially lead people to your website.

  • DL envelopes are perfect for an A4 letter or flyer folded twice to DL size (99 x 210mm)
  • DLX envelopes (slightly larger than DL) are used for multiple sheets of A4 folded twice to DL or for multiple printed items around DL size.
  • C5 envelope are great for an A4 letter or flyer folded in half to A5 (148 x 210mm)
  • C4 envelopes are ideal for flat A4 letters, flyers or magazines (see Plastic Wrapping as alternative)
  • B4 envelopes are particularly good for thick booklets that are too thick for C4
  • Plain, window, secretive or regular envelopes available. Specialty stocks available on application.
Is There a Minimum Order Required for Mailing Services?

Not at all. Once you have more than 300 items for postage, our mailing services are likely going to be the most economical and time-saving option. Handwriting over 300 addresses (for a start) is going to cost more and take more time than our digital printing and mailing systems. We also have state-of-the-art machinery to help with envelope insertion and filling.

Mechanical insertion and envelope filling

Mail is professionally processed using state of the art mechanical insertion equipment.

Who Will be Charged for Postage at the Time of Lodgement?

If you already have a business account with Australia Post, we can organise to have the postage fees charged there. If you don’t, we will have the postage charged to our account and bill you. You will only ever pay us for a mail house fee and your actual postage costs from Australia Post.

If you frequently post, it’s best to set up your own business account with Australia Post to secure the optimum cost savings.

Are you interested in an Australia Post Business Account? Click on this link to go to their website.

Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

22% more Australians read their letterbox mail quicker than their emails(*1). We are putting more focus and attention on the marketing we can hold in our hands. This makes sense when you consider that for every piece of direct mail we receive, we also receive (on average) close to 40 emails(*2).

Not to say people read everything on a direct mail piece, but their attention is at least focused for a few minutes to point them to your promotional item on a webpage which encourages them to buy online. In fact, 60% of people visit company websites after receiving a catalogue or brochure in the mail(*2). Once on your website, you can then further engage them and boost your sales and leads.

What Promotional Products Can I Send in the Mail?

Your options for promotional print media are endless. Here are a few of the most popular products we print and distribute for our clients:

• Brochures.
• Leaflets and flyers.
• Small posters.
• Booklets.
• Catalogues.
• Postcards.

Personalise Your Mail Marketing

Personalised marketing with the recipient’s name, content relevant to their local area and sales applicable just to them are huge drawcards. Personalise envelopes and anything you want to send with our personalised printing options.

Absolute Colour Printing will create artwork for your personalised printing or other variable data printing. Call 1300 88 99 59 and talk to our consultants about options. Outside of business hours? No problem. Contact us online and we will get back to you.

Our Direct Mail Marketing Services

From Design and Printing to Sorting and Lodgement with Australia Post

We can take care of every aspect of your printing and mailing project. Save time and focus on what you do best – running your business!

Talk to us about:

• Printing.
• Personalisation.
• Folding – all sizes.
• Insertion of documents from DL to A4.
• Collation of documents.
• Plastic wrapping.
• Lodgement of mail with Australia Post.
• Fulfilment services for irregular objects.
• Shrink wrap services.

Contact us on 1300 88 99 59 or online anytime.


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