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Make Your Business Cards Extra Fancy with Specialty Print Finishes

Talk about standing out from the crowd! We have all your high-quality business cards here!

High-quality business cards set you apart from your competitors. Specialty finishes can turn simple designs into extra fancy business cards you will be proud of. Our techniques and ideas may be just the thing to have people talking about your business for a long time to come.

Use the competitive edge of premium specialty printing for your business cards.

Do you need next day printing or an express turnaround? Have a look at our standard business cards or contact us to see how we can help fulfil your order.

Specialty Prints and Finishes for Business Cards

From PMS inks, metallic inks, UV varnishes, die-cutting, embossing, debossing to coloured foiling – add value and points of interest to your business cards.

  • Foil printing
    • Choose from a range of foil colours, interesting hologram designs or gilded edges. The foil is heated and applied as a very thin layer. They are available in any shape or text thanks to our advanced digital equipment(*1).
  • Die-cutting – scoring – perforating. Getting the perfect shape is possible.
  • Letterpress printing – elegant, outstanding, gorgeous.
  • Spot gloss UV printing – excellent contrast on matt lamination.
  • Raised spot gloss UV printing – extra memorable for tactile and visual appeal.
  • Embossed and debossed printing – can be applied to 350gsm but best on 600gsm cotton stock.

Australia-Wide Delivery

We deliver within Sydney and around Australia. Talk to us today about design and embellishments. Give us your wish list. You never know what we might come up with.

A Closer Look at Our Business Card Specialty Finishes

Emboss and Deboss

Embossing raises the pattern while debossing pushes (indents) the pattern in(*2).


If your logo or business card design has an interesting shape, consider die-cutting. Our die-cutting machine is programmed to cut a specified shape out of the business card(*3). This ensures the cut is perfect every time.

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing, also known as relief printing, is similar to debossing where the text or image is pressed in to create a 3D surface.

PMS Spot Colour Printing

The PMS (Pantone Matching System)(*4) is used universally in printing to colour match specific hues. This, in combination with the CMYK model(*5) ensures we can perfectly match our print colours with your brand colours.

Recycled Printing

Business cards made from 100% recycled paper are available in white and off-white. They look great with other finishes such as die-cutting and embossing.

Spot Gloss UV and Raised Spot UV Gloss

Spot gloss looks like a very glossy varnish. It can be applied flat or to a raised surface. Because spot gloss UV catches the light so beautifully, many people opt for a matt black background with their logo done in either flat or raised spot UV gloss.

Raised Ink

Raised ink is now ‘old school’ but it is still incredibly popular because of the sharp yet subtle result. The raised ink on a pattern, logo or text feels like embossing although looks bolder and brighter.

Does Specialty Printing Take Longer?

Specialty printing can take longer than standard printing services with the average being two weeks. Depending on the number of printing embellishments needed, it can be up to three weeks.

Trusted Australian Printing Since 1990

Absolute Colour Printing has been servicing Sydney and Australia since 1990.
If you are looking for a trusted printing company in Sydney and Australia, call us on 1300 88 99 59.


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