Velvet ‘Soft Touch’ Business Card Printing

plush velvet business cards

Premium Plush Velvet Textured Business Cards

You Have to Feel These Premium Plush Velvet Business Cards!

Your business cards will feel amazing with our velour like plush velvety texture. Velvet card printing is available in two different categories – coloured and metal. Both finishes are silky and soft to touch – plus they are a smart looking finish.

What do Velvet Business Cards Look Like?

All velvet business cards have a deep matt finish. If you want bright and vivid colours but without the glossy look, velvet business cards will suit you.

How do Velvet Business Cards Feel?

They feel smooth and soft – a little like suede or the skin of a fresh peach. When you touch them, they immediately translate as luxurious, premium cards which is great for branding.

Coloured Plush Velvet

Full-colour printing with the beautiful velvet finish makes for quality business cards that make an impression. Colours are vibrant without overwhelming the card with gloss.

Metal Plush Velvet

Printing is available in full colour and silver and gold metallic foils. Silver and gold foils further enhance the luxe style and feel of the cards. The metal sections are a higher gloss than the matt finish on the rest of the card which creates a commanding contrast.

5 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Valuable

In our digital world, it may be easy to overlook the importance of a quality business card. That is until you need one.

Business cards are now more than just calling cards. They are essential to successful print and e-marketing. Additionally, well-designed business cards communicate essential information about your business such as:

• Your services.
• Brand.
• Values.

Here are five reasons why business cards are still valuable (including a few you may not have thought of).

1 -Business cards show you are ready to do business. Whether you are out and about and strike up a conversation with someone or you are at a networking event – having a professional business card at arm’s reach shows you are ready for business (*1).

2- Word of mouth. A novel or impressive business card is worth sharing and discussing with others. Let your business card do the work for you with an outstanding design(*2).

3 – Business cards connect your target audience directly with your website and social media. This not only reduces the time needed to find your digital presence, but it also boosts your website rankings.

4 – The user experience starts immediately. Potential clients get to meet you and get a feel for what doing business with you would be like. They also get to take away a part of your branding which fast-tracks their user experience.

5 – Most importantly, business cards create a seamless process between meeting and re-connecting later, and they are more personal than e-media(*3).

What does your business card say about you? Contact Absolute Colour Printing for printing and design services today.


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