Gold, Silver, Coloured and Holographic Business Cards

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Coloured, Gold, Rose gold, Silver and Holographic Foils for Business Cards

Customisable – Outstanding Finish – Affordable – Professional

Foil printing is available in a huge range of colours including the popular silver, gold and rose gold colours. This specialty finish can be applied to any part of your business cards.

Whether you want a sleek gold edge, coloured metallic accents, or a splash of holographic foil to make a statement – anything is possible.

• Foils can be applied to white and black stock in a variety of thicknesses.
• Foil printing is also a popular finish on products such as certificates, brochures, and presentation folders.

If you are looking for a modern and stylish finish for your business cards, foil printing is perfect. Nothing communicates quality like gold gilded edges, silver or rose gold accents or holographic foil. Business cards embellished with foil are a spectacular way to impress prospective customers and business partners.

• You can have a refined finish with minimal foil embellishments or maximise the impact with bold accents to achieve a distinctive yet stately look.
• Indulge in lavish and charming iridescent metallic foils.
• Create impressive contrasts by adding gold and silver foils to black card stock.

Textured and interesting business cards are easier to remember and are more appealing because of how the human brain is wired. Learn more about this below.

Why Are Textured and Coloured Business Cards So Memorable?

Humans are sensory creatures who love textures, colours, and smells – particularly in print marketing(*1). By producing a business card that appeals to the senses, you are putting your business at the forefront of people’s memories(*2).

During a networking event, you may be handed a dozen different business cards. The majority will likely be cello glazed, rectangular business cards. A week later, you may be looking through the business cards trying to remember which business appealed to you most.

By providing potential customers and future partners with a business card that stands out from the rest, you will not be forgotten(*3).

What is Foil Printing?

The process of foil printing can be done in a few different ways. For a clean, vibrant result we use heat to transfer your chosen foil colour/s to your cards. This method is also known as hot foil stamping(*4). This premium finish looks sharp with clean lines and the heat gives the foil an extra glossy finish. When you rub your finger across the card, you will be able to feel a slightly raised surface where the foil has been applied. This creates a subtle texture and adds to the overall feel of the quality of the card in your hand.

Metallic and Holographic Foil Printing

Our range of foils includes a huge range of metallic colours and the impressive holographic foil. More than one type of foil can be used on your business card, so you are not limited to choosing just one colour. The most popular metallic colours chosen are silver, gold, red, blue and green.

Metallic Foil Colours

• Gold
• Silver
• Rose Gold
• Red
• Blue
• Green
• Copper
• Purple
• Pink and so much more

NB: I highly recommend including a full list of all the foil colours available here.

Holographic Foil

Holographic foil reflects different colours depending on the angle and light it is viewed under. From one angle, you may see red, from another blue. It is like a metallic rainbow and looks absolutely brilliant on both white and black stock.

Our professional foil printing service is available for customers across Australia. Order from our Sydney headquarters and we will post your order to you.  

Talk to us about your design and artwork needs. Custom designs for certificates, invitations and much more are available.

Present your brand with a touch of sparkle and impress with foil printed business cards.


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