Express 48-Hour Business Card Printing – Make Your First Impression Count!

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Glossy Laminated Black, Yellow and White business card printing
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Glossy Laminated Black, Yellow and White business card printing


Standard, Matte, Glossy or Laminated Business Cards: Design and Printing

Place your Business Card order by 11am – receive your printed business cards 48 hours later!

If you’re looking for fast business card printing – with Absolute Colour Printing you get personal service and expert help. The nice thing is that your cards look and feel expensive.

Fast business card design and printing, personal service, and expert help are our standards. Your business cards can be brought to life with a suite of different finishes. Do you prefer a matte finish or, do you like the look of glossy laminated business cards?

Our business card design and printing services are:

• Order before 11 am and get your order in 48 hours*.
• Exceptional quality.
• Finishes are applied using the latest printing technology. You will literally be able to feel the quality of all our offset and digital printing presses.
• Defective jobs are replaced, no questions.

Do you need help with your design? Our in-house designers can create slick, professional business cards that represent you and your business. Contact us for more information.

You Have Less Than Seven Seconds to Make a First Impression

What does your business card say about you? Aside from dressing smart and presenting a good attitude, your business card is one of your most powerful marketing tools.

In only a tenth of a second(*1), a stranger would have made 100s of different assumptions about you. You then have seven seconds to make a lasting first impression(*2). Once you have overcome this hurdle and built a rapport with this person be sure to hand over your business card. This tiny piece of print media will remind them of the great first meeting they had with you – and they will have everything they need to contact you.

When you are looking to make a good first impression, be sure your business card backs up your brand and personality.

Just a few of our print options include:
1) Plain, gloss, and matte laminated cards. Premium quality stock, 400gsm.
2) Full-colour high-resolution lithographic printing.
3) Full-colour high-resolution digital printing.

Call us any time on 1300 88 99 59 during business hours if you have special requests. All calls and emails answered within a few business hours.

We guarantee our printing service – full replacement for defective jobs.

Pros and Cons of Ordering Your Business Cards Online

Pro: Business card printing online is convenient. Ordering online saves you time travelling to the printer and can reduce your costs.

Con: However, when ordering online, it can be hard to know for sure if your design is going to print correctly. You may also be unsure if your design is set out to achieve the best-looking print. Finishes can also sometimes be hard to imagine.

The last thing we want to see is you having to pay twice for the job because no-one has checked the file or advised on the best designs and finishes for the most outstanding print result(*3). Business card templates and proofing before printing are musts. Read on for our solutions.

Our Online Business Card Printing Solutions

Free business card template

Our free business card template gives you the foundation for you to build your own design. Saves time and possible errors with trim sizes, the shape of round corners and correct layering – so your artwork prints perfectly the first time.

The templates are supplied as PDF and .inx InDesign files. Many clients who already use InDesign find this useful. However, if you are not experienced with using templates or InDesign, our designer is likely to be able to edit your supplied file and make it press-ready. This service may incur a charge depending on the work needed.

We check your file before it is printed

We will check your file and advise you about getting the best quality business card printing for your corporate or individual style.

If you need help with setting up your artwork as a press ready PDF, please refer to:

How make a press ready PDF from InDesign

How to make a press ready PDF from Illustrator

How to make a press ready PDF from Publisher

Still having trouble setting up your press ready PDF, simply email us Include your original file, fonts and links and we maybe able to do it for you at no cost.

Now that you are here with Sydney’s best business card printer, you have many options of materials and inks for custom business card printing with that distinct look of high-quality business card printing results.

Our Promise

You will always be looked after by good people with deep experience in all manner of print production. All your questions will be answered in a friendly and professional manner.

Absolute Colour Printing services in Sydney provides fast business card printing and design and we deliver across Australia!


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