Types of Printed Marketing Materials and Promotional Collateral

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Custom Designs in Short and Long Runs Available on all Print Media

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Showcase your style with custom printed marketing materials. Businesses rely on promotional collateral to:

• Connect with, and;
• Engage their customers.

Whether you are printing products for personal or business use, we have you covered. Our huge range of product types are available for custom design, ensuring you can get everything you need in one place.

As an Australian owned and operated company, you are supporting local business and jobs when you choose us.

Print Marketing in a Post-2020 World

2020 set the tone for print marketing in 2021 and beyond. Reaching local customers is the key in both print and digital marketing(*1). Personalisation and customised designs stand-out to clients as they are more personal and relatable. Short runs are becoming more popular with businesses needing to have the flexibility to change campaigns rather than commit to long-term agreements.

Design tip: Always include your website and social media accounts. Potential customers and clients want to ‘check you out’ online before they engage with you. Presently, they are also more likely to connect and buy from you via those platforms rather than in-store(*2).

Here at Absolute Colour Printing, we provide short runs and catchy design options to all our clients. If you succeed, then we succeed. Turn to us for the absolute best in printing and reliable service that you can count on!

Short or Long Run Printed Marketing Materials

From 50 to 50,0000, we can print in small quantities or do a bulk run for you. If you have a lot of printing to do, we can also help with sorting and posting your products via Australia Post. Learn more about our direct mail services or call 1300 88 99.

Types of Print Collateral for Corporate, Business and Retail

The most popular types of print collateral for corporate, business and retail clients include:

• Booklets,
• Flat flyers.
• Postcards.
• Counter cards with struts (and much more).


Booklets are small books printed on high-quality paper. They are popular products for mail-outs, events, end of year reports, financial year reports, and as product catalogues. To see the various customisation options for booklet printing, click here.

Flat flyers

Most clients print flat flyers with a gloss finish however a range of stocks and finishes are available to achieve different looks: Have you considered matt or uncoated laser bond? You can also opt to have your flyers folded to make a pamphlet. Whatever the occasion or need, our specialists can help you (and we deliver Australia-wide).


Postcards are a highly efficient mail out option as they do not need envelopes printed with them. If you are looking to send print media in the post and need to stick to a budget, we recommend postcards. You can print on both sides in gloss, matt or another art style and custom designs are welcome.

Counter Cards – Strutted Cards

Counter cards are extensively used by businesses, particularly in retail. They sit on top of the counter and draw attention to special sales or deals. They can also be partnered with a counter merchandiser to increase last-minute purchases and up-selling with small items.

From business card printing, signage to pull-up banners, we have all your print marketing needs.

Custom quotes are available and our graphic designers are available to help you convey your message and brand. We look forward to working with you!


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*2. Bruce, J. The Role of Print in Omni-Channel Marketing. Media Space Solutions. 2019.