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Finest Quality Printing – Various Sizes (A4, A5, DL & More) and Customisations

Quality printed products provide a constant reminder of your business (and they are easy to order online). When you and I purchase a product or services, we are looking for a few things.

• Affordability.
• Quality and functionality.
• Durability.
• Peace of mind.

Have you been searching for ‘local booklet or brochure printing near me’? Brochure, book, and booklet printing (A4, A5, and DL) is one of our most popular services. We are based in Sydney and deliver online orders across Australia. Learn more about the various bindings, and customisations below or click on any of the categories above.

Catalogues and booklets (Perfect Bound, Saddle (Staple) Stitched)

Perfect Bound Binding

The spine of the product is bound using a strong thermal glue. The edges are trimmed to ensure they are ‘perfectly’ aligned and have a crisp finish. The perfect bound finish is popular among manufacturers and wholesalers. Depending on the stock chosen, page minimums start at around 48 which make them a perfect size to be used as:

• Quick references.
• Manuals and guides.
• Product catalogues.
• Information booklets.
• And much more!

Hole Drilled, Loop or Saddle Stitch (Staple) Binding

All three of these options are ideal for products with a maximum of 72 pages (depending on paper weight). Saddle stitch binding is commonly known as staple binding. All the pages are gathered together and stapled down the middle. Loop stitches are similar however they add three loops to the outside of the spine.

Another option is to have your product hole drilled and stapled for perfect accuracy.

• This option is perfect if the product is destined to be stored in a ring binder.

Folded Brochures

Our folded brochure printing services are probably the most ordered printed marketing collateral. Folded brochures are easy to distribute via letterbox without an envelope or included with other items when mailing.

Flyers and small Posters

Most clients order flyers and small posters with a gloss finish. There are lots of options for finishes including:

• Uncoated laser bond.
• Matt or gloss cello glaze.
• And a range of gsm (stock weights).

Year Books and Graduation Books

A perfect end of year gift for students and teachers are year and graduation books. Fill with photos, quotes, and highlights from the past year. These are a great piece of memorabilia for schools, colleges, and universities to sell.

No limit on order – from 10 to thousands.

Brochure, Book and Booklet Printing Continue to Deliver Results

One of the most effective ways to communicate quality, functionality and durability to customers is with tactile marketing. The way something feels to touch and how it functions sends a message on how:

• Trustworthy;
• Professional, and;
• Reliable a product or service is likely to be(*1).

Psychology teaches us that touch also allows us to form an emotional response to what we can feel(*2). Consider the comfort and joy brought to those who prefer a hard copy book rather than an eBook. There is something special in the printed content we can see, touch and smell.

The Perfect Balance of Print and Digital Media

Tactile marketing is essential for reaching and influencing customers(*1). This is an area of marketing that digital technology cannot replicate. Combine printed designs with complimentary online media to further cement your brand in the minds of your customers.

Press Ready PDF Service

If you need help with setting up your artwork as a press ready PDF, please refer to:

Still having trouble setting up your press ready PDF, simply email us Include your original file, fonts and links and we maybe able to do it for you at no cost.


*1. Beck, B. Old School Meets New: Why Tactile Marketing Is Your Secret Weapon. Clear Voice. 2019.
*2. Talbot, P. Tactile Marketing in a Digital World. Forbes. 2019.