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Business Cards



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6 page foldout brochures

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Free Templates for Business Cards, DL Envelopes, Calendars, 6 page foldout brochures, pull up banners, media walls and so much more!

How can you save time (and money) in print marketing? A smart shortcut is to use templates that are already correctly sized and formatted. From business cards to six-page foldout brochures, there is a printing template right here online for just about any need. Best of all – they are all free!

Here are some of the templates you can access for free:

• Business card printing templates
• DL envelope templates
• Calendar printing templates
• Pull-up banner templates (with dimensions)
• 6-page foldout brochure templates
• Presentation folder templates
• Media wall templates

Should You Hire a Designer or DIY?

Experienced designers estimate one hour per page for print designs depending on the content(*1). If you need print media but don’t have the budget for a designer, templates can help (and save you a pretty penny). If you are interested in getting a quote for a designer to take all the stress off you, Absolute Colour’s in-house designers are only a call or message away.

Save Time with a Soft Pre-Print Proof

Whether you are sending off a small run of promotional flyers or a massive run of catalogues, print proofs are invaluable(*2). We can also discuss hard pre-print proofs with you.

What Is a Soft Pre-Print Proof?

The printer you have chosen to print your marketing materials should always offer a print proof service. As they are most familiar with their printing machines and what works best, they can ensure sizes and colours in the print will print as they appear on the digital file. In some cases, it may be just 1mm off on the side which will leave the print with a white line on one edge. Getting an expert eye to look over your file before committing to printing 100s or 1000s of copies can save you from broken deadlines and having to pay for the print to be re-done.

Introducing Our Free Online Printing Templates

Business Card Templates

Getting the right measurements and format can take a while to work out if you don’t have design software experience. With over 15 different finishes available for business cards, using a template allows you to spend more time on the final touches.

Envelope Templates

Creating envelope designs from scratch can be tricky. A lot of people do not account for the extra space needed for glueing. Envelope templates eliminate guesswork and ensure your envelopes look professional.

Calendar Templates

Branded calendars are a clever gift for businesses to give away. Not only are they practical, but they also remind customers who you are every day of the year. Hanging wall calendars continue to be popular. Many businesses are also printing desktop and CD cassette calendars.

Folder Templates

No matter what you are storing, folders are both practical and give your business an additional opportunity to showcase your branding. Our folders include special extras such as business card slots and custom sized spines. Just like envelopes, working out sizing and where edges are located can be difficult. Our templates will give you peace of mind that you are designing for the best possible print result.

Pull-Up Banner Templates

The last thing you want to be remembered for at a business event is a lop-sided or misprinted banner. Our banner templates and designs will get you on your way to printing the most professionally designed signage for your business.

6-Page Fold Out Brochure Templates

Have you ever seen brochures which had the back printed upside down? Or text lost in the folds? Our 6-page fold-out brochures allow you to design confidently. You will know exactly where you can include text and images without them being cut off. We can also do a pre-print proof to ensure your design is spot on before printing.

Media Wall Templates

In addition to pull-up banners, you may also require a media wall for an upcoming conference, fair or expo. Media walls set the backdrop and quickly communicate to passers-by who you are. Our templates provide you with accurate dimensions. We can also provide you with a carry case for easy transport.

Design professional marketing material with our free templates today. Contact us if you have any questions or would like some expert design help.

Press Ready PDF Service

If you need help with setting up your artwork as a press ready PDF, please refer to:

Still having trouble setting up your press ready PDF, simply email us Include your original file, fonts and links and we maybe able to do it for you at no cost.



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