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Brand Culture Books

How Brand Culture Books Boost Your ROI

Woo Hoo! As we move towards the wonderful holiday season many of us are already diving deep into 2016 plans.

If your brand is working hard to develop content, engagement and turn your fans into brand evangelists than you must consider an Absolute Colour brand culture book.

The Nuts N Bolts

We work with you to tailor the culture book specifically to your brand, vision and values. Talk to us about when you need it, how many and we do the rest.

We Customise for your brand.

We gather testimonials in their own words from employees, customers and stakeholders and package into a beautiful living story of your brand

It is beautifully bound and we help you design a personal note from the CEO that makes it such a special way to kickoff a new year with new targets, new focus and a positive commitment to working with your stakeholders as partners.

We also package your print content so that you can  re-purposed for your own digital media channels to extend the reach.

We recommend that your culture book is aligned to your vision, company values and brand story in action including any supporting sponsorships or community programs.

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Printing services and products to boost sales

Absolute Colour Printing is extremely proud to announce the release of our long awaited revamp of our website.

We have included photos of our printed projects and more information to help our printing and design clients.

Printing technology changes have created more opportunities to create truly outstanding work.

These days, printing services and printing embellishments are not limited to gold or silver foil printing as you will see, but a myriad of foils and UV varnish effects that look and feel a lot more expensive than they really are.

If you are a small business owner and / or  sales manager, we are developing our exclusive Sales Booster Pack© to help you prove your company’s positioning. When you are holding a beautifully printed presentation pack together with a professional and engaging slide presentation, you are so far ahead of your competition that your client is very impressed with you but quickly learns to trust you and give you the order.

For high-end minded individuals, there is a LUXE pack with luxurious finishes on folder, business card and brochure cover.

For executives and professionals, there is an EXECUTIVE pack printed on premium stock.

We have partnered with Rachel Bourke and Colin Eggins of Sales Space who have turned around numerous businesses with their sales training.

Our advice is NOT to print anything that doesn’t create value for you. You can find excellent sales training help on

When your message is crafted, your brochure, folder, business card and thank you card is designed and printed on premium paper and card stock.

As impressive as your Sales Booster Pack© is, your presentation isn’t quite complete without your easy on the eye, punchy presentation slide show.

Your client  or prospect has both the slide show to look at and listen to, they also get to keep your Sales Booster Pack© reminding them of your high standing, professionalism and trustworthiness.

It is clearly an advantage using these printing services and products for client engagement because the chances are, your competition will not invest the time nor money.