How Quality Yearbook Printing Can Make your School or Uni Memories Last Forever

School Yearbook Printing Services Sydney, Near Me for Baulkham Hills North Public School

School Yearbook Printing Services – Eternalise each year’s memories and achievements with beautiful designs

How often do we save our treasured photos on hard drives or in the cloud never to be seen again? Yearbook printing is a thoughtful and beautiful way to eternalise the year’s memories and achievements.

  • School sports carnivals
  • Literature awards
  • Eisteddfods
  • Birthday parties
  • Dress up days
  • Graduation
  • Teachers

Give a yearbook as a gift or keep as a memento for your child to look back on each year. Yearbooks are perfect for giving or keeping for yourself to celebrate university graduation.

We can help with designs and ideas via our art templates or contacting our friendly team. Do you want to get started straight away? Go to our product page and order your yearbooks online.

Print Today and Keep for a Lifetime

For some of us, getting camera films developed was as normal as ‘syncing’ and ‘back up’. Then, we got to organise our photos into photo albums, give as gifts and put on the wall. Do you remember taking out photo albums and reminiscing over old hairstyles, holiday spots and seeing how the children have grown? They’re also a great source of entertainment when a teenage daughter brings her boyfriend home! “Oh mum, don’t bring out the photo albums again!”

Jokes aside, the nostalgia shared as each page of the yearbook is turned can’t be beaten.

What Kind of Paper is Best for Yearbook Printing?

When you make a purchase, you want it to last. Many things nowadays are manufactured to last only short periods (forcing further purchases). When it comes to keepsakes, gifts and memories, the last thing you want is to replace them.

We recommend quality commercial printing paper that is acid-free and has proven to last the test of time. We recommend Sovereign Silk paper. It is a versatile, coated paper that is reliable and high quality.

Imagine leaving yearbooks and memory books for your children and their children? What a beautiful time capsule and a great way to share with them their family history.

School Yearbook Cost

Advancements in printing technology mean no longer ordering thousands of copies to place an order. Custom print yearbooks in lots as small as 5.

Request a custom quote for your yearbooks online here. We are based in Sydney but offer our services Australia-wide.

5 Tips to Help with School Yearbook Printing – Get Organised and Have Fun!

1) Upload your photos to Google Drive to make sharing and collaboration easy.

2) Either jump straight in to filling out templates or draw out a rough plan on paper of how you’d like everything set out. Either way, don’t stress. Putting yearbooks together is easy once you get started. We can help you at any point along the way as well!

3) Collate group photos and the names of those pictured. You could re-name these, so they are in the order you’d like them to appear. You can also make notes of what pages you’d like them to appear on, for example pages 2-4 so group photos are first in the yearbook after the title page.

4) Not sure how many photos you can fit per page? Either talk to us or open a blank Word document and insert pictures. In Word, resize photographs to see how many you may be able to fit on each page.

5) Want to call in a graphic designer? No worries. We have graphic design extraordinaires ready to turn your year of memories into a yearbook of memories to keep forever.

A simple way to go about yearbook printing is to choose a template, organise your photographs and send them over to us. Layout design, pictures and any text you want can all be collated and printed in a jiffy!

We can’t wait to be a part of materialising the year in a beautiful yearbook keepsake! Just give us a call so we can help you get started, or to give you the quote you are searching for.


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