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Custom made envelope printing

Standard and Custom Sized Bulk Envelope Printing

Bulk Envelope Printing Made Easy with Absolute Colour

Sending out bulk mail in envelopes that are too big or too small and aren’t designed for efficiency can make mail outs an absolute nightmare. Custom order bulk envelope printing is something many of our clients do to ensure their envelopes suit their mail out requirements.

  • C5 envelope printing.
  • DL envelope printing.
  • A4 envelope printing.
  • Printed C4 envelopes.
  • And much more!

The time it takes to send through the custom order requirements saves you ‘reams’ of time when it comes to compiling the envelope mail out.

  • Printed in Sydney, Australia.
  • Standard and customised envelope sizes.
  • Plain or window face.
  • Strip seal.
  • Envelope flaps on the inside or outside.
  • Printing on one or both sides.

In this blog, we cover standard and custom envelope options to help you decide on an envelope type. If you would rather talk directly with us about your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you.

Standard and custom orders can be placed online, via email or over the phone. We do all our printing here in Sydney and deliver orders across Australia.


Standard Envelope Sizes (C4, C5, DL Envelope Printing)

Standard envelope sizes may be ideal for your bulk mail out. If standard sizes aren’t suitable, we can help you with custom sizes—more on custom bulk envelope printing (plus an example) below.

• C4 – 229mm x 324mm (fits unfolded A4 page inside the envelope)
• C5 – 162mm x 229mm (fits A4 page folded once inside the envelope)
• DL – 110mm x 220mm (fits A4 page folded into thirds inside the envelope)

DL Envelope Printing

The DL envelope is the most common envelope we see show up in our mailboxes. Do you know those ghastly utility bills? One of these days, it’ll be a lottery cheque 😉

A4 is another size we are all quite common with as it is the standard size of paper we use in the home and work printers. A4 pages folded neatly three times fit perfectly into a DL envelope.

Printed C4 Envelopes

If you don’t want to fold the page, then the C4 envelope will be a better option as it fits the entire A4 page inside perfectly.

C5 Envelope Printing

If the document can be folded in half without jeopardising the contents, a C5 envelope may be ideal for you.

Custom Orders

Sizes and Personalisation Tailored to You

When you are posting irregular shaped documents or items, standard-sized envelopes may be too big, too small, fiddly and possibly not sturdy enough.

As you can see in our ‘A4, C5, C4 and DL Bulk Envelope Printing’ video, we can customise envelopes to suit specific requirements. More on custom and personalised envelope printing below.

A4, C5, C4 and DL Bulk Envelope Printing in Australia. Standard and Custom Sized Bulk Envelope Printing made easy.

Custom Order Details: Between C4 and C5; Colour Print on Both Sides; Outside Flaps; Heavy GSM

The client needed envelopes of a particular size and assembly, printed on both sides and in heavier paper stock.


Had the client opted for standard envelope size, they would’ve had to make changes to what they were sending out. The custom size ended up being in-between C4 and C5.

Colour Printing – Both Sides

With the custom design, the client was able to achieve the look and feel they were aiming for. Colour logos and graphics were printed on the front and back of the envelope.

Outside Flaps

Have you ever tried to slide a piece of paper into an envelope to find it gets caught on the envelope flaps? To streamline filling envelopes for bulk mail outs, get the flaps moved to the outside. There is no risk of paper getting caught on inside folds as the receiver opens the envelope.

Strip Seals

Strip seals are an easy solution to avoid licking or wetting 100s of envelopes. Simply fill your envelope, remove the strip seal and press down to seal the envelope.

At Absolute Colour, we know that successful print jobs require a few essential elements.

  1. Good design.
  2. Quality printers.
  3. Quality paper.



When it comes to paper types for envelopes, there are many options at your disposal. The higher the GSM, the heavier the paper. In the example we show in our recent video upload, the client had opted for 250GSM. The usual GSM for envelopes is 80GSM.

250GSM is quite a heavy paper stock. However, it is both a practical and ingenious marketing choice.

When you are posting or giving out print media, how the paper feels in the prospective client’s hands will leave an impression. So, choose a GSM that will both protect the contents you are mailing and extend your brand persona to the recipient.


Q. Have you ever received an envelope in the mail that was ripped or looked like it had gone through the washer?

Custom envelopes are made to fit and hold the contents like a glove.

They are an appropriate size (not too big, not too small) which ensures the contents stay in place and secure. The paperweight should suit the intended contents. The lighter the contents you will be sending, the less need you will have for a high duty envelope.

Q. Have you ever had to tape down the excess part of an envelope because it was too big?

Save a tree, some tape and your patience by having the correct size of the envelope made for you.

Just like how we sometimes need that in-between size in our new pair of jeans, sometimes we need an in-between size for envelopes. We can help! (at least with the envelopes).

Contact Absolute Colour for your bulk envelope printing needs and get your order delivered to your door.

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