What is High End Printing?

This blog post is unashamedly about what we do here at Absolute Colour. Too often I hear from people that yes, they know all about printing…. But like all industries printing has been dramatically disrupted. New technologies abound. Keeping abreast of printing innovation takes time and we at Absolute Colour are totally committed to ensuring our clients get and, indeed deliver campaigns that exceed their expectations.

So what is high end printing? High-end printing allows you to use print techniques and options that include a variety of special materials, techniques, and finishes. This allows you to make your printed items unique. Sure it is a little more expensive and does take a little longer to produce but if it is results you want this option should be considered. You only have to think about the number of unsolicited print items you still get in your mailbox that lack print creativity to distinguish the difference.. They get trashed pretty quickly don’t they, so taking the time to think about innovative and high end print items at the outset, often can be the difference between a great campaign and one that frankly doesn’t work.

In other words, it is vital you add print to your marketing mix but you must think like all cmmunication channels abour your goals at the outset. For example, I even know of digital companies that use print as their primary communication channel. Why? Because it is an innovative twist to what they do and of course because of the emotional bond that is created by touching and feeling their communication. This is then heavily reinforced through clever digital communication.


High end printing techniques can include:

  • Luxurious paper stock
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping
  • UV coating
  • Die-cut
  • Metallic inks

If you want your mailer or marketing collateral to stand out and get attention then using foil and embossing will definitely do this. These specialized techniques add a completely new level of sophistication to your mailer.


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