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Perfect Bound
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Get your perfect bound book and brochure printing done right here in Sydney with Australia-wide shipping. Short runs save the environment and your pocket. Print only what you need when you need it (similar to print on demand). Our minimum order for softcover perfect bound books, booklets and book brochures starts at just 10 copies. Customise the covers, spine, and interior pages with different finishes and cardstock.


Having trouble setting up your press ready PDF? Email us with your art file, fonts and links and we maybe able to do it for you at no cost.


Short Run Printing Made Easy With Shape, Size and Customisation Options

Short Run Perfect Bound Books, Catalogue and Brochure Printing, Landscape and Portrait.

Short Run Perfect Bound Booklet, Brochure and Book Printing

Marketing Materials For Meetings and Events Printed and Delivered QuicklyShort run print have a quick turnaround time, are affordable and are the same top quality as a large order. This is thanks to advances in print technology. We can now print shorter runs of orders without it costing an arm and a leg(*1,2).

Premium Embellishments and Customisation Options for Perfect Bound Books & Brochures

Embellishments such as debossing, embossing, or metallic foil create stunning finishes. Adding texture is a clever way of increasing memorability. If you want to stand out, these tactile elements are a great way to get clients to remember you(*3).

Covers: Front and back covers are usually made from thicker cardstock than the interior pages. This means they are strong and long-lasting. Covers can also have a clear coat applied to them to further increase their durability.

Size and Shape

Standard sizes and shapes are available. Click on any of the sizes you are interested in above. If you would like to customise the size or shape of your perfect bound print, please feel free to contact us! We are more than happy to work with you to create an outstanding product. We can also help with graphic design.

Soft Paper Back, Short Run Perfect Bound Books, Catalogue and Brochure Printing, Landscape and Portrait.
Short Run Perfect Bound Booklets, Catalogue and Brochure Printing, Landscape and Portrait.

What is Perfect Binding?

The difference between perfect bound and saddle stitched is the spine. In perfect bound books, the spine is flat so that it can be printed on. Add the book’s title and author here or a logo or graphic. The design is completely up to you!

If you want the spine to stand out on a bookshelf, why not add some metallic foil? The options for customisation are endless.

Many of our embellishments can be found in our specialty business card section. Feel free to have a browse. You are also welcome to view our gallery for inspiration.

Saddle Stitched (Stapled)

The most common products which have saddle stitching (2 staples) are booklets and catalogues. Depending on the weight of the paper, saddle stitching can be used for books of up to 72 pages.

• If you want to be able to store your booklets in a PVC binder, we can also drill holes or loop stitch the products.

A3 folded to A4 colour brochures and catalogue printing, finished with saddle stitching

Save Time and Money with Direct Mail Marketing

Conveniently get all your materials printed and either sent to you or directly to your clients by us. Save time and money by getting us to compile your mail out.

Want to save time and money? Call 1300 88 99 59. To learn more, head over to our Direct Mail Marketing page. All orders are dispatched from Sydney and can be posted across Australia.



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