The Power of Colour

print service shows you how to use colour

As a printing service, we deal with colour every day and get to see its impact. Colour is fundamental to good design and is proven to influence decision-making and shape perceptions.

Colours also carry inherent meanings and symbolism that affect human our emotions; enter the world of Colour Psychology.

Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology is widely used in interior design, branding, and marketing is at the heart of the work we do as a printing service. Our perception of colour is influenced by both learned experiences (such as personal experiences, cultural background, and nationality) and innate biological factors.

For those versed in Colour Theory, the colour wheel is a key tool. The wheel is divided into warm and cool colours. Warm colours, like red, orange, and yellow, convey heat and energy; while cool colours, such as green, blue, and violet, evoke calmness and coolness.

It’s important to consider the cultural significance of colours, especially in a global market. If your brand sells products worldwide, colour choices must be cohesive and inclusive, reflecting consumer buying habits and fostering positive market perception.

Exploring the Meanings of Various Colours

Red is Power

Red is a powerful, attention-grabbing colour. It’s dynamic and energising, often signifying importance. In Western cultures, red is associated with love and passion but also with urgency, danger, and negativity. In Chinese culture, red symbolises prosperity and good fortune.

Happy Yellow

Yellow is bright and noticeable, evoking joy, optimism, and happiness. It is also linked to creativity and intellect, making it effective for marketing products like children’s books. However, yellow can also signify cowardice and caution.

Orange Says Warmth

Orange is a warm, energetic colour that suggests activity, vitality, and extroversion. It can evoke sensory experiences, such as taste and smell, making it ideal for cookbooks and related publications.

Cool Blue

Blue is a cool colour known for its calming and serene qualities. However, it can also have negative connotations, such as sadness or depression (“feeling blue”). In branding, blue often represents trustworthiness and professionalism.

Grow with Green

Green symbolises growth, health, and harmony. In Western cultures, it can also be associated with greed, wealth, and envy. Green can arouse a sense of stability and freshness and is often linked to health, wellness, and environmental sustainability.

Luxurious Purple

Purple signifies luxury, mystery, and royalty in various cultures. Historically reserved for monarchs due to the cost of purple dyes, it now conveys elegance and depth.

Playful Pink

Pink is versatile, symbolising love, playfulness, and femininity. It can denote romance and youthfulness, as well as compassion.

The Timelessness of White

White is adaptable and timeless, symbolising simplicity, tranquility, and peace. In Western cultures, it represents purity and new beginnings, while in Eastern cultures, it signifies mourning. In graphic design, white can suggest temperature and brightness.

Sophisticated Black

Black’s symbolism varies with context. In Western cultures, it can imply mourning, grief, and evil. However, black can also signify sophistication, authority, power, and non-conformity.

Neutral Grey

Grey offers versatility, balance, and timelessness, falling between black and white tonally. It conveys neutrality and can serve as a subtle, complementary background or a base for more vibrant colours.

By understanding and utilising these colour meanings, you can create print designs that not only look appealing but also communicate the desired messages and emotions effectively.

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