Product Spotlight: Poster Printing at Absolute Colour Printing

indoor poster printing

Welcome to Absolute Colour Printing, where innovation and ease come together in the realm of wide format poster printing! Whether you’re aiming to make a significant impact as a business owner or want to exhibit your artistic talents, our extensive poster printing services are designed to give you that essential wow factor. Here’s why poster printing is an outstanding choice and how our services can help you shine.

Your Ultimate Destination for Poster Printing

Absolute Colour Printing is your all-in-one hub for diverse printing needs. From professional backlit or canvas posters to pull-up banners, large floor stickers, and media wall printing for indoor use, we have it all. Ideal for:

  • Launching a new business
  • Highlighting special offers
  • Boosting brand visibility

Wide format prints inject vibrant colour and dimension into otherwise blank (and valuable) advertising spaces. Looking for a custom quote? Click here.

The Reliability of Print Media

Did you know that over 60% of people have more confidence in print media compared to online advertisements? It’s true! Amid the onslaught of 4,000 to 10,000 online ads we see daily, posters, flyers, and brochures have been reliable tools since 1839. So, unleash your creativity with poster designs that range from the sleek and sophisticated to the bright and eye-catching—the possibilities are endless!

Our Featured Poster Printing Services

Backlit (Lightbox) Poster Printing Services

Brighten up your environment with our radiant backlit posters! Perfect for offices, retail settings, and dining establishments, these high-quality polymer film posters fit all lightboxes and can be easily swapped to align with seasons or promotions.

lightbox-poster-printing (1)

Canvas Poster Printing Services

Canvas posters, printed on cotton, deliver vibrant colours and a unique texture that’s perfect for keepsakes worth framing. Suitable for both home and business, these timeless prints always leave a lasting impression.

Indoor Poster Printing

Our indoor posters, available on economical or synthetic paper, are quickly produced and securely shipped in tubes. To extend their lifespan and add a touch of elegance, consider framing them—they’ll look professional and stay protected.

indoor poster printing

Media Wall and Backdrop Printing

For events that require a striking display, our media wall printing is versatile and simple to set up. Just slide the banner over and zip it at the base. Ordering is straightforward—send us your logo, and we’ll take care of everything!

Pull-up Banner Printing

Our pull-up, retractable banners are user-friendly, durable, and easy to transport. Made from premium materials, these cost-effective banners come in widths ranging from 850mm to 2400mm.

pullup banner

Floor Sticker Printing

Guide customers and convey messages with our high-quality vinyl floor stickers. Perfect for retail areas and childcare centers, these stickers are easy to apply and remove, providing a neat and impactful display.

Vinyl Sticker Printing

Our vinyl stickers, available in large formats with clear/transparent or white backgrounds, are ideal for glass and smooth surfaces, adding significant visual impact to any setting.

vinyl sticker

Repositionable Sticker Printing

Our repositionable stickers are incredibly convenient! Easy to apply and move without glue, they are perfect for glass and glossy surfaces. Available in sizes from A4 to A0+, they offer unmatched flexibility.

Make Your Mark with Absolute Colour Printing

With our professional, high-quality wide format printing services, you can make a bold impression and build trust with your audience.

At Absolute Colour Printing, we transform your ideas into vibrant realities with unmatched colour, quality, and creativity. Let’s create something spectacular together!

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