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Custom print marketing offers businesses a unique edge. With custom printing, companies can tailor their marketing tools to perfectly reflect their brand identity and message. Printed catalogues, for example, offer a tactile experience that online browsing can’t match, allowing customers to physically interact with your products. Additionally, custom print marketing extends to business cards, brochures, and posters, all designed to capture attention and engage potential clients. By investing in high-quality custom printing, businesses can enhance their professional image, boost brand recognition, and ultimately drive sales and customer loyalty.

Print marketing  – have you seen IKEA’s bookbook ad?

Last year the furniture giant (who also happen to use direct mail for promotions), produced a video promoting their own new print catalogue. Not ones to waste an opportunity, they also take a playful swipe at the way high tecchies promote their products.

We think you might enjoy this cheeky approach to direct marketing using print. It’s beautifully done. Even if it makes you smile, don’t miss the not so hidden truth in their promo. There is a reason IKEA continue to print their catalogues in many languages all over the world and send 3-dimensional catalogues through the mail. They work!

Combined with their online catalogue, it’s a recipe for sales and marketing success.

Ikea is one of many successful iconic companies to provide their customers with printed catalogues. They join well known brands like Avon, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

The need to engage customers via print is unlikely to go away any time soon even if the economy takes a downward turn. As more product offerings become similar, printed catalogues and their content will grow as a means of differentiating brands and sustaining existing customer relationships.

Printing catalogues may seem a bit old school, but their physical capabilities and brand building potential are a proven staple in retailers’ marketing tool boxes and customers’ mail boxes.

This ad was first shown over a year ago. Sit back for a few minutes and enjoy!


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