Innovation In Print Is Key To Driving Marketing Messages

Imagine having to bake your ‘bakeware’ brochure before you can read it. Or what about a poster capable of delivering two messages to two different demographic audiences – one targeted for adults and one targeted for children? Still not impressed? Then how about a magazine cover that turns read when placed in the direct sunlight to remind people to apply sunscreen?

From inks that only appear in the sunlight to inks that can light up a display, the range of modern print effects is staggering yet largely unknown in marketing circles.

All of these effects, and many more, are easily achievable by printers thanks to the fantastic range of different inks and finishes they have in their standard armoury of equipment. The problem is that many brand owners and even design agencies aren’t awae that these effects are achievable. Talk to us at Absolute Colour about your brand challenge and let us guide you with innovative and out of the box solutions.

A great case study to look to for innovation is Australian supermarket giant, Woolworths, with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. They launched Jamie’s Garden Sticker Album with collectible stickers which are designed to educate children on fresh food. Take a peak. The partnership launches the Jamie’s Garden Sticker Collectibles range, a world-first collection of new sensory stickers and sticker albums that aim to educate kids about the origins and benefits of fresh food.

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