Why catalogues drive sales

As a curator of all things print, including high end catalogues for clients I am amazed how we continue to upskill in the digital space but fail to recognise print offers some amazing new technoogies to wow customers and build engagement.

Here’s my take on why the high end catalogue is an outstanding choice for customer communication.


  1. People still love the tactile feel of a paper catalogues. You thumb through the pages, dog ear the product pages you like, come back again and again to things you want to order. Good catalogs hang around the house like coffee table books even. How could that disappear?
  1. Catalogues (and direct mail itself) are (digital marketers shudder here) an outbound marketing technique, aggressive, interruptive. In other words they create the impulse buy as they reach the consumer (hopefully the right consumer with the infinite number of targeting options available on mailing lists).
  1. Direct mail drives online sales (do I even have to explain this? Remember we need to hear about a product about 6 times. Suffice it to say, it does and profitably I must add).
  1. Catalogues marketing done right generates demand as opposed to succumbing to it. Why wait for someone to search for your product when you can do your analysis and target people who are a perfect fit for your products? Did you know that you can even clone your best customers with half a dozen companies that develop custom prospect models and lists for direct mail and catalogs?
  1. As a marketer and consultant, direct mail is an opportunity. As a print channel curator, I bring direct mail to the table every day. My belief… if you don’t look at all potential response vehicles inbound vs. outbound, you are missing out on major profit opportunities. 
  1. Last thought: I’ve tried direct mail and/or catalogues and it was a waste of money.. Direct mail, especially the catalog marketing variety is very much a science. It’s just as KPI driven as inbound marketing technology (in fact without the traditional direct marketing principles, online marketing would still be about branding and publishing). It is very easy to lose your shirt – from printers who don’t know how to print and mail to save money (the two biggest expenses which could cost you big time) to designers who think they know how to design catalogs (most don’t it’s as much science as art) it pays to have a direct mail and catalog pro to work with. Here’s the free plug, hope you will excuse me. Absolute Colour is all about delivering outstanding results. Ask us for a sample pack of what you do with catalogues.


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