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Yearbook Printing – We can help you with the Design and Ideas

While saving our treasured photos digitally seems like a good idea, there is always the chance that we could lose them forever if our devices broke. If that happened there would be no way we could recover those memories and fondly look back on them. And because it’s all so convenient to look at digital photos on our various screens, we almost never think about having them printed.

Those of us that are around my age (don’t ask…) were probably once used to taking our camera films to be developed, then carefully organizing them into photo albums. And who remembers digging out those old photo albums to reminisce old memories with family and friends? It’s becoming a lost art…

These days, this practice is becoming less and less frequent, with the rare few who actually make the effort to select their favourite digital photos and have them printed as physical photographs. But because we have so many devices to store our digital photos on – USB drives, CDs. memory cards, and so on – it can be difficult to keep track of what photos are where.

Find, hold and feel for a lifetime – The Yearbook

We often forget the joy of first receiving our Yearbook, forgetting about it for 20 years or so and then finding it, flicking through it an wondering what our classmates have done with their lives. It’s a great way to spend some time with friends and remembering the names of the people we went to school with all those years later.

With the increase of ‘normal’ people becoming famous for all manner of reasons, a Yearbook is the perfect proof that you shared a classroom with a celebrity if one of your former classmates became famous! But more importantly, a Yearbook serves as the ideal keepsake to pass down to your children.

It’s a simple yet joyous pleasure that can easily become extinct unless people (maybe you..?) were to invest their memories in quality Yearbook printing.

Yearbooks – printed to last a lifetime

Acid-free commercial printing paper is ideal for Yearbooks as it is resilient to the effects of time, as proven by the perhaps billions of volumes left by generations passed that have lasted for centuries.

As an example, Sovereign Silk is a frequently used paper in the printing industry that is highly suitable for Yearbook printing. There are several other paper types should you wish to match a previous print.

Not so long ago, custom printing meant you’d have to order in bulk, but due to improved printing technology you are able to have as few as 5 Yearbooks produced in various sizes, page numbers and binding styles.

And because of this, Yearbooks and printing them have become more affordable than ever.

Many online vendors allow for the DIY customer, but prices can differ greatly, so it’s highly recommended to get a few written quotes in case any price-related disputes arise at a later date.


Some helpful tips for organising photos for Yearbook printing

  • Make a folder in Google drive, making it easy to share and collaborate
  • Don’t fret too much when assembling photographs, names, etc. Everything will fall into place once you get started. Some people prefer to organize everything on paper, whereas others prefer to do this electronically
  • Gather and name group photos first, then order them by page number or as groups – for example, pages 4-8.
  • Create a plain Word document to make a rough guide to see how many photographs and how much text you can have per page when it comes to printing.
  • If you know how, continue the process with multiple Word pages. Not to worry if not – you can simply create several single pages and name them accordingly.
  • If you’re happy with your DIY design, then these files can be sent to a printer. However, it is strongly advisable to draft in the help of a professional graphic designer who can make the overall design of your Yearbook more attractive.

The main objective is to use a quality Yearbook printing service to physically preserve your memories for years to come.

  • By Yvonne Parkinson – Director of Absolute Colour Printing – since 1990.