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How Quality Yearbook Printing Can Make your School or Uni Memories Last Forever

Yearbook Printing – We can help you with the Design and Ideas

While saving our treasured photos digitally seems like a good idea, there is always the chance that we could lose them forever if our devices broke. If that happened there would be no way we could recover those memories and fondly look back on them. And because it’s all so convenient to look at digital photos on our various screens, we almost never think about having them printed.

Those of us that are around my age (don’t ask…) were probably once used to taking our camera films to be developed, then carefully organizing them into photo albums. And who remembers digging out those old photo albums to reminisce old memories with family and friends? It’s becoming a lost art…

These days, this practice is becoming less and less frequent, with the rare few who actually make the effort to select their favourite digital photos and have them printed as physical photographs. But because we have so many devices to store our digital photos on – USB drives, CDs. memory cards, and so on – it can be difficult to keep track of what photos are where.

Find, hold and feel for a lifetime – The Yearbook

We often forget the joy of first receiving our Yearbook, forgetting about it for 20 years or so and then finding it, flicking through it an wondering what our classmates have done with their lives. It’s a great way to spend some time with friends and remembering the names of the people we went to school with all those years later.

With the increase of ‘normal’ people becoming famous for all manner of reasons, a Yearbook is the perfect proof that you shared a classroom with a celebrity if one of your former classmates became famous! But more importantly, a Yearbook serves as the ideal keepsake to pass down to your children.

It’s a simple yet joyous pleasure that can easily become extinct unless people (maybe you..?) were to invest their memories in quality Yearbook printing.

Yearbooks – printed to last a lifetime

Acid-free commercial printing paper is ideal for Yearbooks as it is resilient to the effects of time, as proven by the perhaps billions of volumes left by generations passed that have lasted for centuries.

As an example, Sovereign Silk is a frequently used paper in the printing industry that is highly suitable for Yearbook printing. There are several other paper types should you wish to match a previous print.

Not so long ago, custom printing meant you’d have to order in bulk, but due to improved printing technology you are able to have as few as 5 Yearbooks produced in various sizes, page numbers and binding styles.

And because of this, Yearbooks and printing them have become more affordable than ever.

Many online vendors allow for the DIY customer, but prices can differ greatly, so it’s highly recommended to get a few written quotes in case any price-related disputes arise at a later date.


Some helpful tips for organising photos for Yearbook printing

  • Make a folder in Google drive, making it easy to share and collaborate
  • Don’t fret too much when assembling photographs, names, etc. Everything will fall into place once you get started. Some people prefer to organize everything on paper, whereas others prefer to do this electronically
  • Gather and name group photos first, then order them by page number or as groups – for example, pages 4-8.
  • Create a plain Word document to make a rough guide to see how many photographs and how much text you can have per page when it comes to printing.
  • If you know how, continue the process with multiple Word pages. Not to worry if not – you can simply create several single pages and name them accordingly.
  • If you’re happy with your DIY design, then these files can be sent to a printer. However, it is strongly advisable to draft in the help of a professional graphic designer who can make the overall design of your Yearbook more attractive.

The main objective is to use a quality Yearbook printing service to physically preserve your memories for years to come.

  • By Yvonne Parkinson – Director of Absolute Colour Printing – since 1990.

Printed catalgoues – still in

Print marketing  – have you seen IKEA’s bookbook ad?

Last year the furniture giant (who also happen to use direct mail for promotions), produced a video promoting their own new print catalogue. Not ones to waste an opportunity, they also take a playful swipe at the way high tecchies promote their products.

We think you might enjoy this cheeky approach to direct marketing using print. It’s beautifully done. Even if it makes you smile, don’t miss the not so hidden truth in their promo. There is a reason IKEA continue to print their catalogues in many languages all over the world and send 3-dimensional catalogues through the mail. They work!

Combined with their online catalogue, it’s a recipe for sales and marketing success.

Ikea is one of many successful iconic companies to provide their customers with printed catalogues. They join well known brands like Avon, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

The need to engage customers via print is unlikely to go away any time soon even if the economy takes a downward turn. As more product offerings become similar, printed catalogues and their content will grow as a means of differentiating brands and sustaining existing customer relationships.

Printing catalogues may seem a bit old school, but their physical capabilities and brand building potential are a proven staple in retailers’ marketing tool boxes and customers’ mail boxes.

This ad was first shown over a year ago. Sit back for a few minutes and enjoy!


Absolute Colour At Fearless She Business

We were thrilled this year to be one of the sponsors of She Business’ signature event Fearless, a wonderful, end of year rousing of nurturing women and inspiration. Absolute Colour Printing provided all the print collateral and the wonderful fearless diary. We heard from inspiring speakers such as Lucy Perry, Karen James and Matina Jewell.


suzi-jacobs-ceo-fearless-woman-businessAfterwards we sat down with founder, Suzy Jacobs to find out what motivates her to be outstanding. Grab a coffee and enjoy the read.

Q: What drove you to create She Business

Suzy A: An absolute commitment to transform my life and the life of other women in Australia. To ensure women were making choices about their financial future with the knowledge from experts and support of a community.

Q:Where is She Business headed in 2016 and beyond

Suzy A: Very exciting times ahead as we create a place for businesswomen and entrepreneurs to access Australia’s top mentors, coaches and consultants on a regular basis at an affordable price.  We’ll have 30 locations across the eastern seaboard by December 2016.

Q: What positive values do you believe women bring to the workforce

Suzy A: I think we bring the same ones as our male counterparts however ours are perhaps slanted more towards vulnerability, honesty, purpose and a social conscience, caring for our community.

Q: In a grab, what is Fearless

Suzy A: The most energized, heart-felt extraordinary celebration of the year gone by and a place to be inspired and motivated to create the life of your dreams for the following year.  Awesome networking, fabulous frocks, sensational people.

Q: Secret question – what movitates you to work with purpose and be outstanding

Suzy A: The chance to transform my experience of life.  To live authentically, congruently and to show up every day 100% ME.

Q: What is the culture of She Business

Suzy A: Open, honest and personal. That’s She Business.

We’re known for our Brave conversations – when we have open, honest and real conversations with people we give them the greatest gift to move forward in life with choice and freedom.


Brand Culture Books

How Brand Culture Books Boost Your ROI

Woo Hoo! As we move towards the wonderful holiday season many of us are already diving deep into 2016 plans.

If your brand is working hard to develop content, engagement and turn your fans into brand evangelists than you must consider an Absolute Colour brand culture book.

The Nuts N Bolts

We work with you to tailor the culture book specifically to your brand, vision and values. Talk to us about when you need it, how many and we do the rest.

We Customise for your brand.

We gather testimonials in their own words from employees, customers and stakeholders and package into a beautiful living story of your brand

It is beautifully bound and we help you design a personal note from the CEO that makes it such a special way to kickoff a new year with new targets, new focus and a positive commitment to working with your stakeholders as partners.

We also package your print content so that you can  re-purposed for your own digital media channels to extend the reach.

We recommend that your culture book is aligned to your vision, company values and brand story in action including any supporting sponsorships or community programs.

Introducing the purpose orientated worker

This week’s Mindful Monday is a little different. We talk about Work and Purpose. It’s a post inspired by U.S based Imperative who recently released their 2015 Workforce Purpose Index. It makes for a fascinating read and although the study is U.S centric there are some insights that are very relevant for the Australian workforce.

According to the study workers with a purpose orientation are the most valuable and highest potential segment of the workforce regardless of industry or role. These Purpose orientated workers not only seek out purpose in their work, they create it and, as a result, out perform the rest of the workforce.  They work and thrive in every industry and role from accountants at professional service firms to the farmers growing our food to the designers at creative agencies.  According to Imperative, purpose driven workers are the foundation for successful organisations, a thriving economy, and a healthy society overall. On every measure, purpose orientated workers have better outcomes than their peers: 20% longer expected tenure, 50% more likely in leadership positions, 47% more likely to be promoters of their employers and 64% higher levels of fulfilment in their work.

To understand the significance of these figures let’s look at what work orientation is. According to Imperative it is a psychological pre-disposition to the role of work in life. It is a stable mindset throughout one’s career that transcends a specific job or employer. Some people see work in their lives as solely a source of income or status. Others are orientated to see work as primarily about purpose – personal fulfilment and helping other people.

As I have been re-imagining the purpose of Absolute Colour moving forward, I’ve focused on making our team and clients ‘be outstanding’. It’s an expression that we ‘walk the talk’. It’s really all about purpose. Yes, we produce wonderful print collateral in innovative and creative ways. But it is the pleasure I get in working with clients to deliver results that amaze and the joy that our regular roundtable meetups brings and that inspires me on many levels. It is about working in Colour. It is about encouraging people to be the best they can be. We all have a tremendous opportunity before us to define the success of our workforce by more than low unemployment rates, salaries and engagement. It is about people, the number of members of our community who are purpose orientated. We should be empowering our teams to tailor their work to build strong relationships, make a meaningful impact, and grow perosnally and professionally. I’d love to hear your thoughts?

What is High End Printing?

This blog post is unashamedly about what we do here at Absolute Colour. Too often I hear from people that yes, they know all about printing…. But like all industries printing has been dramatically disrupted. New technologies abound. Keeping abreast of printing innovation takes time and we at Absolute Colour are totally committed to ensuring our clients get and, indeed deliver campaigns that exceed their expectations.

So what is high end printing? High-end printing allows you to use print techniques and options that include a variety of special materials, techniques, and finishes. This allows you to make your printed items unique. Sure it is a little more expensive and does take a little longer to produce but if it is results you want this option should be considered. You only have to think about the number of unsolicited print items you still get in your mailbox that lack print creativity to distinguish the difference.. They get trashed pretty quickly don’t they, so taking the time to think about innovative and high end print items at the outset, often can be the difference between a great campaign and one that frankly doesn’t work.

In other words, it is vital you add print to your marketing mix but you must think like all cmmunication channels abour your goals at the outset. For example, I even know of digital companies that use print as their primary communication channel. Why? Because it is an innovative twist to what they do and of course because of the emotional bond that is created by touching and feeling their communication. This is then heavily reinforced through clever digital communication.


High end printing techniques can include:

  • Luxurious paper stock
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping
  • UV coating
  • Die-cut
  • Metallic inks

If you want your mailer or marketing collateral to stand out and get attention then using foil and embossing will definitely do this. These specialized techniques add a completely new level of sophistication to your mailer.


Absolute Colour Launches Merry Mindful Christmas Colouring Gifts

Life can get pretty crazy during the festive season so this year we wanted to help our customers to send a special message to their staff, suppliers, customers and more. Instead of the traditional Christmas client gift or card, Absolute Colour offers an innovative Christmas Gift, known as the Merry Mindful Christmas Colouring Gift. The gifts include:

  • 6 mindful colouring cards plus a small packet of colouring pencils able to be inserted into a printed pillow envelope
  • Message: Have a Mindful Festive Season or Have a Mindful Christmas.
  • For orders over 100 gifts the messages can be customised with your own corporate messages and logo. Prices start at $9.95 per unit, discounts for volume orders over 100.

Overleaf of the Christmas wish card, is a description on how mindfulness is the new attitude to living and for anyone who hasn’t noticed, it would seem if you visit any bookstore that adult colouring is all the rage to staying calm.

To find out more, email

Mindful Christmas Gifts



Five Ways to Wellbeing

Happy Monday everyone. For today’s Monday motivation I thought we would look at wellbeing.

Here are five fundamental components of well-being that have been documented by the New Economic Forum

  1. Connect to people around you – be present.
  2. Being active – go for a walk, play a game.
  3. Take notice – be curious about what goes on around you.
  4. Keep learning – try something new.
  5. Give – do something nice for a friend or a stranger.

Do you notice how doing any or all of these thinsg improves you sense of wellbeing? Would love to have your thoughts.

MIndful Monday: MIndful Conversation

At Absolute Colour we have a focus on working to deliver outstanding results for all of our clients. That requires focus and it requires all of our team to practice mindfulness. For us it is about really listening to the challenge our clients present to us and working hard behind the scenes to deliver the best and most creative solutions.

So today I thought we would share an exercise about mindful conversation.

As we all know an important skill for any relationship is the act of mindful conversation. Often we can ask questions without really listening to the answer, or perhaps gives answers without actually thinking of what we are saying. Try this today:

Make an effort to really consciously listen annd speak throughout the day. For example when you are talking to a colleague today and ask how their weekend was, really listen to their answer and respond accordingly. Go about your day focusing on Being Oustanding!

Print: Think Outside of The Square For Innovative Campaigns

We have been talking a lot about innovative solutions for print campaigns. In our experience at Absolute Colour, they are only limited by a client’s imagination.

Here are some great examples of what you can do with print:

  1. OPSM, to raise awareness of children’s eye health and improve the visison of children across Australia, released their ‘OPSM ‘Penny the Pirate’ campaign. A free children’s book, supported with an app, which integrated eye screenings into the story.
  2. A Canadian ad agency has produced a door drop designed to appeal to cats. Yes, that is right, the cat of the house. The direct mail piece promoting Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse was covered in concentrated catnip, so that the cat of the house would start fondling the flier as soon as it came through the door.
  3. Wonderbra launched a magazine centrefold cleavage with a toggle to pull the pages closer giving the woman’s breats a ‘lift’ as the pages are pulled together. The campaign was released throughout several magazines and supported by outdoor media billboards across the United Kingdom.
  4. A Japanese newspaper has developed an augmented reality app that changes articles for adults into features for children. The child friendly version features simplified language and cartoon animation on all articles, from politics to social problems.
  5. Kit Kat launched Wi-Fi free zones in Amsterdam to help people ‘have a break’ from updates, emails and other digital noise. The zones block internet access within a five metre radius and encourage people to enjoy a good magazine or book instead.
  6. Microsoft placed a Wi-Fi enabled print advertisement in a special edition of Forbes to promote its Office 365 software, providing free internet to those who kept the magazine with them. Once activated, the router embedded within the pages provided users with 15 days of free internet, which could be used by up to five devices simultaneously.
  7. Johnson & Johnson have produced a print advertisement infused with the scent of baby powder. Designed to appeal to mothers, the full page ad was taken out in a number of Indain newspapers including The Time of India.